Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Peaceful, Lovely, No-Pain Dreary Day

Meadowland block 2

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are sick and tired of the cold, dreary rain.
Playing a poor hand well, today was just lovely.
A little sleep in for Mrs. O'Quilts.
Everyone doing their own quiet thing.
Patting and loving my new gifted
and reading...what else on a rainy day?

Today, I read Mr. Churchill's Secretary.
It was awesome.  I could not put it down.

This past week, I read, News of the World....also excellent.!!
My son and grands are now trained to go into the library and pick up my hold books.

My heart beats like a kid at Christmas when I am gifted with new fabric.
It takes away the sting of non-stop cold rain


Sharon said...

I feel your pain with the rain. That is our usual. It does get so dreary and depressing. However, we had lots of snow! Which is better because when the snow stops, it's sunny! I'm sure we'll still have lots of rain left before it's spring here.

Your Meadowland blocks are so pretty! And thank goodness for good books and gifted fabric!!

myrtovl said...

I love your meadowland blocks, your fabrics are so pretty! Sometime ago I saw the pattern in Instagram and I was so excited that immediately Bought it and downloaded it as usually without thinking all the UFOs waiting to get finished! Now I have to dig out all the fabrics that I have acquired all these years and have not yet had the courage to cut up!

Cjsmimi said...

I understand and feel your "soggy, dreary weather" pain! Perfect time for a glass of wine and a good book. Spring arrives soon and I can hardly wait! Keep smiling that pretty smile, friend. :-)