Friday, March 15, 2019

Paying it Forward

The next generation of babies have come..
Baby quilts in process.
St. Bridget Cross is first..
Will try to make the top tomorrow.
Cheer up dear CALS well dog lover xo
I love my mail deliverer..He is so kind and helpful
A potholder for him...a little late for Christmas.
A thank you to our neighbor..
A lavender sachet by Muggs.
Another thank you to our neighbor xoxo
The plastic bag hanger.of Kaffe fabric...from me.

My mother called it Emotional Incontinence
That is when you cry because you are  overwhelmed or exhausted or both.
Folks say...why are you crying...and you say...I do not know.

Upcoming is the St Paddy's Day I always loved.
I do not love it any more.
Now, I hate it.
All I can think of is my wonderful Irish man, Mr. O'Quilts, I can almost not bear it.

Easter....I do not like that any more either.
My man died on Easter...upcoming 4 years ago.
I am stymied...Sorrow keeps  me from sewing.
I am stuck
Just for today, I am stuck
Always grateful for the morning light.

To help me out in this constant struggle for re-framing my
Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher.
She is one of my favorite authors.. of self help books...
Helping with the identity and changes of women growing older..
I have read one chapter and I feel better already.
So working on self care.

ps  I have decided that self-care means spending a million dollars
for the Kaffe Fassett quilting workshops in the in Charlotte...Wahoo.
Pull that tooth girl!!!1

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Karaquilts said...

Emotional Incontinence! Well, I guess I know exactly what that consists of. Sigh. M would say: Suck it up Buttercup. That tough Vermonter Blood flows thick and strong!

Put on some good music. Sometimes if fills the gaps in my soul when all else fails. Or just stroke some favorite fabric and dream a little. (or a lot!)