Saturday, May 29, 2021

O'Quilt Family Keeps on Keeping on

 Stitch getting a grip...demolition noise as my dear beautiful hardwoods are ripped up.
Poor Zoe.  It has come to this at 12 and a half.  She is totally deaf and in nighttime diapers.
Our Dylan graduated from elementary proud!!
His mother picked him up early to celebrate with lunch out.
He chose sushi!!!
A cute fat quarter from Spoonflower to cheer my day.
I came home yesterday to 10 deer in my front yard. reminding me of life outside myself!!

Bye bye Dylan's toddler bed....
Noisy flood  repair in my home...loud loud noises and total despair.
Meantime Aoife takes her family yurt camping in Oregon.

Just so you is crazy...xo
I am going for a nap on my porch
Maybe then, I will take my little blue sewing machine outside.
We carry on...a beautiful hot day in the Carolinas
It is 77 degrees after a three day run of 90....xo

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Linda Swanekamp said...

It will be beautiful put back together. While everything is crazy, it is probably easier to get rid of extra stuff. Congratulations to Dylan! Certainly not hot here. Actually had the furnace on Saturday night.