Saturday, May 1, 2021

Practice Self Care

Stress, stress is everywhere ..We had better practice self-care.
What does that mean???
For me, it means splurging on fabric sales. Fabric has increased in cost to $11.95 a yard.
That is hard to swallow. This fabric was $4.95 a yard. It is wonderful.
Sitting outside in 75 degree weather on a sunny day!! Nothing better!!
Funky new old lady half glasses to match my very vain!!
I just guessed at the lens strength, 2.75.  I think it is too strong.
Sitting on my screened in porch with the dog and a book.
Right outside my sewing room window is Ms Carolina Wren and her eggs.
Soon, I see two Carolina Wrens. 
 According to my dear birder friend,  Mr Carolina Wren comes to help out, once the babies have hatched. 
Amazing knowledge!! I cannot see the babies but I can hear them.
So can Stitch, therefore my son encased the nest area with chicken wire.

Just for the record, this is ALS awareness month.
I married this wonderful man June 1, 1980. I was so lucky and I am so grateful.


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Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Good self care themes and my favorites are your glasses, and the whole concept of sitting in a screened in porch. ;).