Friday, December 18, 2015

Such Awesome Clever

Interesting birthday presents from interesting people;
From Muggs...comes cute little pin dishes...nail polish marbling tute here

Terri brought us all  Triangular thread catchers  So adorable.

Sherry found this awesome deal at IKEA
OMG  my heart beat strong and fierce.
50 canvas scrap pack..challenging my imagination.
I cannot wait till Christmas is over to work on this one..

A  potholder from my sister.
 a fat quarter from MP with the appropriate words...ha!!
 And I do not have
Evidently Kathylynn does not think that the wine glasses I have are large enough..OMG

The total joy ribbon necklace handmade by...xxoo Terri
Creative folks surround me!!
M&Ms from Muggs that are MISSING!!!  Emily????

Continuing in creativity is 5 year old Dylan.
He took my I-pad into the empty TV box.
He shut the door with the bench and played games in peace.
Oh...Dylan..King of clever!!!!

And...from Katie...the best fabric gift card ever... dark starts coming.
Trying to capture the essence before the uncontrollable despair kicks in.
Especially without my chocolate!!!!
A lovely few days.


smazoochie said...

It looks to me that you are very loved by very many people.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Belated birthday wishes and hugs.

Mystic Quilter said...

What lovely gifts for you. I just saw a thread-catcher in a post yesterday and decided I really must make some of these, there useful and lovely to look at!