Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Little Engine who tried sooo hard..

Can you mend my doggie... Can  you mend my sweater... Can you mend my bow...
Of course, my love...of course!!

My darling grands with their darling clean is she!!!!
It is Sherry's birthday...made her this drawstring bag from Jeni Baker...of In Color Order Blog
Our Sherry giving the birthday  look!!
She knows she is loved.
I made the angel food cake with 7 minute frosting just like my grandma used to do.:)
and...used her cute candle holders..and the little mint stars from Trader Joe's

And so it goes..the fun and the not so fun.

Had a cry-fest a few days back...I cannot do Christmas, I cannot do this. I cannot do that....
Not, without my man!!!

Poor Stephanie was so upset that she buzzed around, cleaning the house,
dressing it for Christmas...... In two seconds flat.

 Actually, she had it all done before I even stopped crying...OMG
I love you Stephanie

Today, as I was righting the wobble both inside and out...
A police detective knocked on the door...
Jeeze Louize...this is the 11th police in 3 weeks.
She showed me a picture of my son breaking into cars.

Really...??  Do I need this???
 He has not lived with me for 14 years and I have to go through this?????
He will soon be 31...Please,  Enough already!!


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love the cake you made Sherry, yummy. St Stephanie to the rescue, a big hug to her. Such a smashing photo of your grand children with their mum, hugs to her.
But most of all hugs to you, for being you.

ES said...

Christmas is creeping up pretty fast now! Love to you x

m. said...

Bless you! The picture of Sherry and your grands is delightful. And, my, how you have blessed each one of them. Now you've done it again with that delicious cake and a sweet (lined?) bag. Most importantly, you are there for them! (And I hope you can find some rest and peace in knowing that you are doing all you can, for those who can accept it. For the one who refuses to grow up, I hope you can "Let it Go").

smazoochie said...

It is always awesome when the fixes are simple & yet make you feel like superwoman. Yay, Grandma, for making the dog & sweater & bow all better. It is so good to see your daughter-in-law doing so well. It breaks my heart that your son can't break with his addiction -- perhaps grief & guilt have a hand in that.

http://thankfullga447 said...

It is okay not to want to do Christmas. I am so sorry the police had to come to your house, that HURTS about your son.