Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The savior of all things stitched...

Bye bye dentist...Retiring at 75...cuz his wife wants time with him...he will soon be 76!
He had said that his wife loved the tooth potholder I had made last year.
She said it was the right shape and the perfect fit, etc.
Zoomed right up to his office today with his retirement gift....for his wife!!
She loves crossword puzzles..
Voila, 4 potholders specially made.
I have 3 left from my weekend therapy project.
 Some people like to use these as trivets...or mug-rugs...
Just wondering if I should leave the hangers off??
For multi-purpose.??
 With Christmas sewing finished...tonight I experimented.
Just knowing that someone hand stitched this vintage doily,
 pushed in me..... the re-purposing button!!
Tonight I experimented with a small potluck dish cover.
 The lining is made of Rip-stop which does not fray.
An extra stitch around secured it to the back...
It is a bit funky..
But, I will still use it to bring something small to a potluck dinner.
I cannot bear not to save all things stitched.
Just a fun little experiment!!
 Tonight my girl and I had awesome Lebanese food out.
Stopping in Michael's for 50% off Christmas, I found these adorable papers.
Marked Christmas, but perfect for Valentine's day.
I love that kind of sale.
 Grands are coming back from cousins tomorrow night.
Preparing for the fun and fury.
Little children on Christmas.
They are my loves.


smazoochie said...

I am happy that pretty piece of stitchery will live on.
You are the Pot Holder Queen!

Mary said...

I love the retirement gift you made for your dentist.