Friday, December 25, 2015

The Joy and the Jingle

Ok..there were a few mishaps....just gotta be sometimes.

.Santa's hat got caught in the fireplace door as he went back up the chimney...
Does that mean...he will definitely be back next year??

 Dylan is five.  Christmas joy is just his style!!
 Looking into this big ol' Lego box...He just cannot get over it...

 My soon (or later)  to be son-in-law...made this tree.
 I love it.
Isn't it nice that Mr. O'Quilts son-in-law has the same hobby!
Both so good and clever!!

D-I-L brought me flowers.  She said that I had told her...never go to someone's house with an empty hand....Really??..Can you believe that at 30 she remembered the lecture I gave her when she was 20..
.Soo happy:)
Because there was a time, back then, when she told me to just write a book because she was tired of those lectures....We have come a long way ...Baby!!!!

 Tonight I finished up the potholders that the kids made for our Stephanie.
Tomorrow's treat!
 And last and so special...the bird houses the children made at Ms Beth's house.
Special just for Grandma...
Touching my heart...once again..with love.
Merry Christmas


ES said...

omg! write a book!! that did make me chuckle actually!! :)

BlueRidge Quilter said...

It looks like you had a fun Christmas with the kids! I'm sure they will make many wonderful creations with all of those Legos.

smazoochie said...

Turned with your dear Mr.'s lathe?
So much love in your home.