Friday, December 25, 2015

In the Spirit of Christmas

One more day of Happy Christmas...hoping the spirit lasts this upcoming year.
Christmas can be and Zoe share the comfort of each other.
 Christmas color....Emily made Great-Grandma's cookies...the frosting was up to me.
 Christmas Eve table set with our tradition..waiting for our comforting  family meal
Torch now passed from Great-Grandma to me to Emily...So wonderful
 Gotta have those Christmas crackers!
 Evan says that there are nine reindeer including Rudolf...Someone at my house is confused.
Tigger is thinking of adding the tenth....just thinking....
There are enough carrots after all.
And so it went last night...amidst my fears and tears
There was laughter and joy.... with Christmas coming after all.


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Karaquilts said...

You have perfectly captured the spirit of Christmas, it's about traditions, surprises, and children/family. The laughter and smiles are definite bonuses! So happy for all of you.