Sunday, December 20, 2015

Staying on the Light Side

Starting with the pretty.
.Lynsey at Aunt Brandy's Christmas celebration

I took a risk tonight and went to a party given by a member of my widows' group.
It was delightful to be with fellow travelers.
I was invited to another party, my dear man and I had gone to for 15 years..
Me thinks that these folks were mostly the Mister's friends..
.as things have shown themselves in my eight months a widow.

I am delighted to have choices, and to have friends of my own.
Now, I am now safely at home, checking off my evening's goals.
I am all snug, locked in my house with my new security system.
I have my Annie Oakley shotgun, my Zoe and my 5 new Pit bulls. 
 Pit bulls are big in North Carolina!!

Tonight's goal for self:
Put 2 or 3 things in a Goodwill bag.
Make a potholder.
Organize a bit of my sewing room.
Drink red wine.
My girl has paid some of my bills, done paperwork for insurance for my robbery and made her yummy version of Italian tortellini soup. She found my winter coats, took Zoe for a ride....
 and told me to go sew when she found me moping.
I love her so much.
  I am so grateful for a somewhat normal...ha ha..member of my family.

I am promising self not to go to the dark side tonight...
listening to love songs or checking the local jails for signs of my son.

Red wine.....Check
Red wine...Check
Clear a space...Check
Red wine...Check
I found a box labeled. "made fabric" with scraps already sewn together.
Perfect for a Saturday night scrap potholder fest.
 I have cleaned off Evan's sewing table..(not telling where I put my stuff)
Poor thing asked to use my sewing machine last time cuz his was covered with my mess.
Trying to role model respect...not doing too well.
And, so it goes...bed time before I relapse

Oh, Dear...she lied...OMG
On the way to bed, she found this:
The Equilter once a year sale...
I talked it over with my dear man and he said Merry Christmas:)


ES said...

Bless your daughter she sounds like she knows how to look after you :) I sat at the sewing machine yesterday and chain pieced for quite a while, today I've done some cutting, I'm slowly moving forward with two quilts :) it feels great :) forward momentum is always good! I only have a handful if small items to wrap as well!! Oh my gosh, shopping is fine - but wrapping those presents up? That is such a chore!! Hugs to you all xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

isn't it great you are checking things off your list, fun things too like making pot holders and finding things for goodwill, and drinking wine. Do you really have 5 pit bulls? I think I have a bit of blog reading to catch up on.