Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Birthday Post

Today is the birthday..
Wednesday....Birthday celebration number one!!
Number two last night at much laughing.

 Number three today at Mexican lunch.

Number four tonight with my girl!!
Yup...she flew in last night for my birthday!
Lucky, lucky me.
So far, 68 is not that bad.
And, it is one more milestone down without my dear man.

Looking back to May...when I did Soul Collage with Margaret..
Here we have my love escaping from the bear (ALS)
Mr. O'Quilts is riding free over the rainbow to peace ever after. behind..bewildered..facing a sad bleak, barren and befuddled life without him.

Eight months a widow...I am at least... keeping on.
Today I am able to share.
My new/old let everyone deal with their own lives.
To take care of the children and let adults care for themselves.
(read this...mind my own business)

Everyday I must survive.
What to do to lift myself up???
What to do for self-care???
What to do for joy??
I am doing the best I can......
Reminding myself that self-care and selfishness are two different things.!! birthday post..

A Wonderful birthday!!


Ellen Guerrant said...

How wonderful - Four birthday celebrations. Your photos are just great. So happy your girl is there with you. Happy birthday, dear friend. xoxo


Holee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sometimes those "helpers" need to be helped themselves. I'm hanging on to everyone...they are helping me make my journey.Only those nosy bossy gals I know would say how great I look without hair!

I'm so glad to see many celebrate with you. You need all the love and kindnesses you can get.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Happy Birthday!! I love that you had a Mexican birthday, and lots of others too.

ES said...

It's great to celebrate with friends, I am sure you miss your husband on your birthday though. Keep in keeping on! X

Barb said...

how lovely that your girl came in! enjoy your celebrations. Happy Belated Birthday

smazoochie said...

What to do for joy? What a wonderful reminder to us all! To me, especially right now, overwhelmed by the holidays & all that 'must' be done. Thank you! And Happy Birthday, my dear!!!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you and so pleased to read that your girl arrived home for your birthday.
The "firsts" are always difficult!

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing your very joyous and sad first birthday without your loving man. My heart goes out to you for all you went through together, and I so very appreciate the joy you share in going forward. I am also one of your caring readers who is thankful that you have loving community. And your face says it all when your daughter arrived. I love your SoulCollage® cards, as well as the comfort and expression they provide in your ongoing process. Please accept my wishes for a belated happy birthday. <3