Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dear Mrs. O'Quilts...

Dear Mrs. O'Quilts...please read this and do it!!!
Do you hear me???
Grief during the holidays
But, it is sooo hard.

Finally, tonight...after a holiday emotional day..I was able to select fabrics for a present.
Do not know if I will finish it...but at least this is a start.
 Yesterday I managed scrap potholders...
Random this and random that...made peace within me.
If it takes a potholder to do this, well, then it takes a potholder!!
Evidently it takes being completely alone to cry and grieve my losses...
Who wants to do that??
Himself would not want our son's drug situation to do me in..

Aunt Brandy coming through with help during the holidays.
Aunt Emily coming through with coming home on the 16th.
Auntie Charmaine coming through with tons of respite and help.
Ms. BW coming through with respite...
Ms Katie coming through with tons of tutoring and texts..
Ms. Stephanie coming pillar of strength.
Ms. Muggs coming through with daily affirmations..

My awesome grands are tons of work, but I would not survive without them.
They are my reason for being.
I love them so.

Just found a calendar that Emily had made me one year.
Such lovely memories.
Bet she did not know at the time that I would love these pix years later!!
Playing the piano.
My mother...
Me and the first one:)  He still takes my heart.

Below is shameless family advocacy.
My sister needs work to keep her apartment..She is getting a divorce.
She now has an etsy shop for potholders and small quilts, etc.  She just started.
I told her that her only sister would help her fight the fight by posting on my blog;
Voila...Good luck Charmaine!!


Karaquilts said...

You are so adept at saying much in so few words. Thank you for the glimpse of your son as a little one, I love remembering the 3-year old hugs of chubby arms around my neck! The precious innocence of days long gone. We need the memories of those days. And I love the creative potholder quilt blocks. Such a lovely gift and gesture to your friends and helpers. Keep on quilting. It will see you through. I can't wait to see what your newest project becomes. I'll be standing by ~ ~ ~

smazoochie said...

As always, I wish I could do something more than just offer words of support, love encouragement.
I wish I could take you to a movie, bring soup, entertain your grands, but I can do nothing more than offer long distance love.

Rachaeldaisy said...

You have lots of good angels around you. Wishing your sister lots of success in her new venture!

Barb said...

sorry to hear you are feeling so sad. My mother died Dec 10 so I understand. I hope the beauty of the season helps!