Friday, January 11, 2019

Grandma Does the Phoenix Thing...

Tonight I finished the basics of this quilt top.
Next up....the border.
I am eager to get it off my design wall to make room for other things..
Like the String Thing Along...
or my purple AHIQ improv wall hanging
or Sujata's new sew along....Unconventional and Unexpected...
This quilt is larger than I usually do..especially with a border...I usually do
just lap quilts as I am not too good at free motion quilting.
These stars are about 14.5 inches big.
 Dear, dear Cousin Ann gave me a generous gift cert to my favorite
online store...Hancock's of Paducah.
These came in today.
Just  like mood mind swings too.
As I brag on my brain finding clarity after 5 years of trauma..
Today I find...not so fast.  I have completely lost all my
30's/40's fabrics.  I emptied the drawer when my son moved in
put the fabric somewhere tidy,,,,now oh, so lost.
 An interesting to me different idea..muslin in new colors.
Here: celery and light grey.

I hear that folks 50 years of
I realize that age is upon me and my time is limited.
I only want to have fun with my prettiest fabric.
Next on the agenda...a bit...tiny bit of de-stashing.
OK..maybe a bit more..

Had my doctor's visit today.. She deemed me healthy.
No high blood pressure, heart and lungs in order...etc.
Only fat and only old...and only joints eaten by arthritis..
Guess that is not all that healthy. Oh, well...
Edema under control with my expensive new support stockings.

She said that I had an enormous amount of stress with little support.
I had had too many surgeries at once.
It would take time for healing.because I did not have the luxury of just caring for  myself
TIME????  I have been nuts for 5 years...from the very day of
my man's ALS diagnosis...I have been a freaky sort...saying stupid things,
mind askew, moods worse.
Patience...not my virtue..

My doctor made me happy...telling me that I was doing a great  job
with what I had going on.
I think I will keep this doctor forever!!

I worry about my son and my son worries about me...all wasted emotion!!
He went out tonight, but before he did...he picked up my new medication,
he vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the garbage, etc, and
folded my newly washed fabric above!!!!
I feel loved.
I feel lucky.
I feel blessed


Karaquilts said...

You are lucky. You are loved, you are blessed and you are very gifted in many things ~ ~ quilting, creating, writing, sharing, loving, laughing, joining.

I think your doctor is absolutely correct. (and those aren't words I speak often ~ ~ ) All of the things in your life have taken a physical toll, and it takes time to recover and then to recover more.

You're doing a good job and making another beautiful quilt ~ ~ with very good connections :)

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

The love you have for your son shines through in your words. Life can be so challenging. Sounds like you have a good wise doctor! On a lighter note I too love Hancocks of Paducah partly because I associate it with my grandma who ordered from there all the time.