Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Mrs O'Quilts Wants to be like Everyone Else. Happy New Year too!

My girl and her man are nuts about their new dog.
At 6 months old, she now appears on the antique quilt I gave Emily.
Also, eating the Raggedy Ann I saved for 36 years from my girl's childhood.
Em insists that all is well and Rosie is still being trained.

They took a trip today to Mt.Hood area from Portland to show their Rosie the snow.
Evidently it was all a great success.
I want to be young again too.
My mother would have said..We had our chance and...
Be grateful I lasted so long!!!
She was right, as usual...

I see that bloggers are making to-do lists for the New Year.
Here I go...jumping on the same bandwagon..
.I must make some goals to improve my life.
I must, I must, I must.
Always looking to see how I can self-actualize and be a better person.
I saw a note on someone's door once that said,
"Change is good....You go first."

2019 Goals
1. Finish my purple challenge wall hanging.
2.  Go to the pool one or two times a week.
3.  Learn how to do linky parties.
Mind my own business.
4.  Get involved with library.
6.  Take a class at the library.

7. Get more involved with the J.
8 Go to every sit and sew around.
9.  Quilt the feed sack quilt I got from Ellen (1 yr)
Mind my own business.
10 Quilt my  group quilt of Kaffe solids (5 yrs)
11.  Give my sister some scraps.
12.  Mind my own business...Really?
( counting on being a slow learner on this one.)

13. Go to bed by midnight...no more 2 or 3 am.
14.  Make my son a quilt from the remnants of his fathers shirts.
15. Be conscious of doing something nice for someone else
16. Try new sewing techniques and patterns.
17.  Mind my own business.
18. Do a daily reading

19. Learn to order books online from the library
20. Learn to upload my pictures onto Instagram
21. Mind my own business
22.  Do the String thing along.
Mind my own business.

Let's see how this goes...

My son has a mentor who has  helped him tremendously in his recovery.
This mentor is now moving away...I must keep the faith that my son will continue
on his miraculous journey toward health.

Tonight, dear Lynsey had a serious talk with me.
 She said that she was starting to think that there was no Santa..
 She said that the kids on the bus said...no Santa!.

Lynsey googled it tonight...
There were several sites she quoted saying no Santa...but then, there were several sites that said yes...Santa is real. I told her that I believed in the magic of Santa and that each person could have their own opinion, like there are different opinions of God..
She started to quote the U-tube families she follows,
 They also seem to have opinions on the subject!!!...
Oh, my...., Oh my..
Lynsey will be 10 in 7 weeks....Dylan will be 9 in 8 weeks.

For New Year's Eve tonight...I had great anticipation...We would play UNO and eat popcorn And laugh and have fun and  be merry...Wrong..
Evan said 13 and a half year olds do not play UNO...Jeeze...
Lynsey and Dylan started fighting
My son got irritated and left for a meeting...and I started missing my man..
Good thing it was not yet 2019!
Back to the top to resolutions!!!!

Above, my son did some fireworks with his children tonight.
Brave me said nothing....OK...almost  nothing..

Now it is 2019, a brand new chance at life.
Happy New Year!!!


myrtovl said...

Happy New Year dear Diane, I too have to take some resolutions for the new year, the problem is that I find it difficult to keep them!😍

Karaquilts said...

And Happy 2019 to you! Hmmm. Resolutions. I just skip that part since I always fail and it's tiring to be a failure so many years in a row!!! But I do create lists of quilts I want to finish and quilts I want to start and UFO's that have lanquished. and Friends I want to see. I never tire of seeing lists of quilts. It's a reason to get out of bed. A reason to stay up late, or a reason to awake from a nap. True motivation!!!

I'm adjusting to this new season in life and learning that maybe I don't much like my body, but my life is not so bad!!!

Wishing you much success with your mile-long list and even more continued success to your son. May God send him a new mentor and new motivations.


Shasta Matova said...

Happy New Year! That's a long list of resolutions - luckily there are some duplicates! I wish you the best on them.

Courtney said...

Happy New Year, Diane! I wish you luck with your resolutions. You're braver than me with that many resolutions. I'm just trying to swim laps once a week most weeks, ha. Definitely follow through with the library stuff, putting books on hold online (and getting ebooks) is one of the best things about technology. I'm happy to help if you run into any issues.

Teresa said...

Happy New Year. You have an ambitious list of resolutions for the new year and I wish you success. Hope your year goes well and you have some unexpected surprises that bring you joy.

smazoochie said...

That’s some list, Mrs. O’Q!!!
The only way to keep thing looking brand new is to never use them, never love them. The antiques in museums look pristine only because they were too precious to use. Umm, something about a velveteen rabbit. ;-)

Sharon said...

Oh my, you have quite a loong list of resolutions! Good luck with them! Esp the minding your own business. That is a very tough one!

I never make resolutions. I gave it up because I never really did them, or failed when I tried. I just keep trying to be better than yesterday. And I always plan to sew more! I'd like to get some quilts finished. Didn't do so good at that in 2018, and 2019 isn't starting out so great either. But my hope is undiminished!!