Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Grey and the Purple

Drenna is a purple person.
Happy Birthday to Drenna from me...
with a Fat Quarter Bag

I love these bags....I have two of them myself.
They hold absolutely everything for a sit and sew.

The  most amazing thing has happened...After 5 years of trauma, my mind is finding some clarity
some..that is.....
Thanks to instructions from my friends, I was able to:

1.Put Hoopla on my I-pad, Now I can watch library movies on my I-Pad
when the other places are taken by my grands.
2. Order my books online for pick up at the library.
My first book is already ready.
I even saw an 8 year old using the self-check I tried it.
and I could do it.  That might not seem so overwhelming to you.
But, my mind has been blocked forever..

3.  Get together and actually part with a basket of scraps for my sister.

(Truth:  In the first 10 days of the new year, I have not minded my own business, once)
Not once....
But, I have two things done on my New year's list and it is only the 10th of January.

New Years Eve in Charlotte, there were 191 EMT calls in Charlotte
...half of them were drug overdoses.
My XDIL lost a friend on New Year's Eve.

The 13 year old grand is watching, Jane the Virgin on TV..Jeeze Louize
He is watching it over and over.

 I spent $84 for a pair of support hose so I do not die of edema. grrrr

Now the grey...depression...the swing of grief out of the blue...ugh.
Once again immobilizing me today.
Back into the bed I go..
Cannot focus, cannot sew.
I have no control over grief...even though some folks might say I do.
At least the waves are much further apart.

My son's car is kaput...causing me great stress...Anyone have another for sale?
Both AD/HD boys are causing me stress with their schoolwork and attitude..
And like our Lynsey cause your own stress!!!

Out of  my problems..into helping others...

Help needed for prison quilting outreach..

NC Hurricane donation update from My Carolina Home

Tomorrow is another day..


Cherie said...

Those bags look smashing. I hope the depression is lifting and you can see the sunshine behind the clouds. x

Karaquilts said...

Hmm. I might need to meet Drenna, the purple person! We would probably like each other when we weren't quarreling over the purples! I think I'm going to need to make that bag (I think I've been saying that for a few days now).

I can remember having a good day after so many dark days and thinking "Hurray, it's over and the sun is shining again!" only to wake up the next day and be so dark I couldn't remember ever seeing light or thinking I would see it again. So, I will wish you moments of sunshine in the daylight of today. And send hugs to keep you company in the meantime. and keep on reading and sewing. cheers for online books :) :) I knew you'd like it.

Shasta Matova said...

Your purple bags are really pretty and you are making so much progress in the new year! You might get everything done in January if you aren't careful! So sorry you are suffering through a bout of depression. I hope you are getting help. I wish you lots of sunlight this winter.