Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Help Needed...foggy mind...

Picking a backing depends on enough fabric at hand.

 Help needed...I have enough of all of the above.
I do not have enough of the white or light pink , but could piece it.
Let me know what you all think.
I am exhausted.
Teacher meeting in the freezing day.
Poor AD/HD 8 year old Dylan wiggles his way through 3rd grade.
Glad he has the "voted mayor" thing under his belt.
And the Muldoon charm...big brown eyes.

I am on a ski slope.
Sometimes I fall and hurt myself
Sometimes I soar gleefully into the air with grace.
Tonight I deal with it with red wine, sausage and mac and cheese.
Because, as you know, if there is a God...it is not me!!

Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild Holiday dinner. 2018
Marvelous friends. Just marvelous


Mystic Quilter said...

Piece the backing Diane. I love seeing all the different fabrics incorporated into the backing. Do you have any left-over blocks? These can be very effective used as a focal point in the piecing.
Enjoy your red wine - wish I could join you if I was not on medication which doesn't mix.

Rhonda said...

You have such a wonderful way with words. Ski slope metaphor was fantastic. Now to the backing. I agree, piecing is a good way to use up not enough fabric.

Karaquilts said...

Yes, the Ski slope is a perfect metaphor ~ ~ do beware of the ice, though.

I realllyyy like the rose fabric and think the colors are great ~ ~ I love pieced backings, too, but sometimes you just want one color ~ ~ I also like the last option ~ ~ are they birds? The colors and print in that fabric go nicely with the stars.

and I am so glad for your guild friends ~ ~ people to laugh, cry, dream and play. And they keep you creatively challenged as well. Good for you for investing in them.

Cathy Cartledge said...

Not a quilter (yet) but I am and wine drinker and mac and cheese is the best comfort food. Hold on to whatever poles you have Diane. I vote the brown with circles.