Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Grateful Woman

Tonight..the backing for my star quilt has been finished.
Thanks to my son for ironing the fabric.
Thanks to Sherry for the measuring lesson!
Folded and ready for mailing.
The quilt is too cumbersome for me to quilt.
 I see that the backing fabric is a second with some fading.
A Foust deal, I think.
That is OK with me..I think it is busy enough not to matter.
Did you notice that my cat Boo..has stamped his signature here??
The binding is on on my sweatshirt...I cut off the neckline and the cuffs.
One of the reasons I do not go to the pool is that with my arthritis, it
is painful to dress when wet...
If I just pull on one needs to know, what I do not put on.
 At Wednesday night quilting, we had a scavenger hunt.
For my 30's fabric that I lost.
Drenna won...she found it here..who would have known!!

On minding my own business
A 2019 far...but hold tight..there are 11 more months in the year
(or so I amuse myself, by noting)
Even though I have learned thru fire, what not to say to folks in grief,
my impulsive self still makes mistakes.
One thing I know, I will never tell anyone to "be grateful, or be positive."
People do that when they are strong enough..
People mean well.  It is, however, easier to cross onto someone else's sidewalk
than it is to clean our own.

I have had three great productive days....unbelievable.
Naturally, with my ego, I assumed that the rest of my life would continue thus !!!!
Today, I pulled a muscle in my back keeping me in bed until 4 pm.

I did not (well a little) say, poor me...a wasted, nothing accomplished day.
Instead, I said...isn't it great that I have a warm toasty house with lovely flannel sheets.
Two cozy asleep on my pillow and one asleep against my curled legs
meds for my back..
The house is empty, full of peace.

Why could I feel this gratitude today.??
Because I was able., that is all...I was just able.

On self-care
Now-a-days, I celebrate the good.
When I eat brussels sprouts, I now say...good girl, you ate a veggie, not a cookie.
I no longer say, you fool, you should have been eating sprouts for the past 70 years
The pool..if I go, .I say...good, old went to the pool today.
Not,....... Diane, .....Who are you have not been there since November.

My son is gone for the weekend.
He just came in for 30 minutes to check on me.
He cleaned the kitchen.
He transferred the laundry.
He gave me a hug..and he was gone.
I am the luckiest woman in the world.

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Shasta Matova said...

That's all we can do, is take one day at a time. I'm glad you are being kinder to yourself.