Wednesday, January 16, 2019


My girl gave me a bird feeder for my birthday.
My son set it up..
A few sparrows came before Stitch and Boo got the drift.

Here we go....the squirrel fits totally inside the bird feeder.
This bird feeder, it seems, is quite popular...except with the birds.

Now that I have moved on from card catalog to online library choices,Impatience flares.
None of my choices are readily available.
 I have thus reverted to Thriftbooks for immediate gratification.

Last night I read, Silas Marner by George Elliott..(Mary Ann Evans) 1861
That is about right as I feel that old myself.  I needed the large print, anyway.

Tonight, the best time at IQ...We laughed and did some fun gossip....ha ha..
If you were not here...well........
We basted Marie's Kaffe quilt below.

We tried my new teas from Harris Teeter...Thank you Beth
We ate an awesome treat from Sherry.
And, as I was looking for my loose tea strainers...I found 13...a collection, me thinks!!!
 After all that, I learned that loose tea needs to be in a tea pot.
Oh, well...we all tried a different tea and a different tea stainer.
Too much fun.
We laughed until 9;30
I just love our friendships.

Now, we are planning a new sit and sew.
And, planning a new mountain sewing trip.

The best Christmas present of all.
A story from Lynsey.
She dictated it, her daddy typed it.
Granddaddy auto corrected to Grandpa...but that is ok.
I love you Lynsey!!💓💓

On my New Year's resolution  list....quilting my vintage feed sack flimsy
I have started it....following Jean's direction...instead of tying it to keep it in it's era,
I am machine wiggle stitching keep it stable enough to use.
(putting the border decision on hold for my mustard star quilt)...

Humming along on my New Year's resolutions....
I am certainly the sorry sort to not being able to stay out of the business of others.!!!
Still on a see-saw...just know that the grey skies help one to appreciate the sun.


Kaja said...

In my experience, if a squirrel wants to get somewhere it's pretty much impossible to stop! Your quilt group sounds like such a lot of fun.

Barb said...

Those cats look enthralled!
Happy New Year!

Karaquilts said...

I love a good O'Quilt blog post!!! It's like an on-going adventure story/reality show ~ ~ ~ you never know what it might contain, a giggle, an inspiration, a bit of education, a heart-break ~ ~ or all of the above in one segment! Thank you for sharing your life and journey with us. It's an honor to walk with you.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Our squirrels destroy the bird feeders very quickly. I love your collection of tea strainers. I feel i'm missing out only having one.

Mystic Quilter said...

I adore squirrels, we don't have them here in NZ but of course heaps in the UK. Stitch and Boo seem to be enjoying their viewing, Leila is a fan of bird-watching, bet she'd love to see the squirrel.
I love the quilt with all the bright KF fabrics, hope you'll post when it's all quilted.