Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cold Outside, Warm Inside

Near the cold cotton fields of Missouri sits my purple log cabin
beneath Margaret's be gifted to someone who needs
a purpley quilty hug
How wonderful is that?!
February birthdays are soon here...L will be 10 and D will be 9
All the money in the world does not make a doll bed like
the love from a daddy.
Lynsey is going to go to Walmart to chose the color spray paint.
Then, my GD and I are going to make the bedding
Today, nervous me promoted a play date for both Dylan and Lynsey
Lynsey conned her daddy into helping them make slime..
Slime is so out of my comfort zone.
Meantime, Dylan is refitting his friend with play shoes for the muddy
Carolina woods...Friend came in his church clothes...
Stay tuned..
Did I mention that grandma here feels old.???
A new me...Starushka
Everyone used the tree  house.
The girls are making brownies...the boys are at the creek...all of a sudden,
Grandma feels young again...everyone is having so much fun.
Evan was invited to hang out with his friends...Oh, my
Fourth graders, third graders and eighth graders...
Cozy me is once again, reading my favorite author...Anne Lamott
 Snuggly by the fake fire, nodding off
                                                     Enjoying the luxury of being myself.

Thank you Michele for posting about the passing on of Mary Oliver
With Heart and Hands

So it goes for a lovely Sunday afternoon.


Karaquilts said...

It sounds like a full and excellent weekend. The purple quilt makes me smile ~ ~ I think I need to make something purple very soon! But the family stories give me even bigger smiles. A moment you can take out and revisit as often as you want and need. AND the poem. Wow. Such insight and strength. So good to know and answer our own voices. Keep on, my friend.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, a shout out to me! You dear sweet woman. I love the doll bed but most of all how it's a family project! And the kids and your son. So happy and proud. Of them. Of you.

Love, love your sharing of the Mary Oliver poem. So hard. So very true. The Journey 💜

Mystic Quilter said...

So happy for you Diane! Happy grandchildren happy son, couldn't be better.