Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Presents of Mind

Mama said that in clear your mind...give to others...
I made these presents in the last few days.
She was right...It brought me joy.
 Crumb quilting..from saved bits of my man's shirts...presents
for my son's 34th birthday yesterday.
Mug rugs for his tea and cookies
Tonight, Evan made his father the cake and frosted it.
The children wrote notes about all the things they love about their daddy.
        It was all so perfect.
 Pencil pouches for Lynsey's two teachers.
That class is always complaining about no pencils.
My girl says that when the teacher steps out of the room, the boys break them.
I had ordered a box of 150 sharpened pencils before Christmas.
Just waiting for the energy to make these pencil cases.
 At one time, the Etsy shop, Oilcloth Addict, offered a bag of scraps for
a  reasonable price..That shop is closed for now.
It is quite fun to zigzag the pieces together to make a scrap pouch.
 Since the front has a piece of clear vinyl, I doubled the back in order
for some pretty to show through.

The girl took these into her teachers today..They were met with
delight...I was glad, Lynsey was glad, the teachers were glad. .a great success.

The fabric for the mustard star backing is the dark purple with the dots.
By far, the most votes and I have enough of it.
I am pleased as I wanted something more subdued to counter the vibrant front.
Tomorrow, the goal is to iron and ready the backing for quilting..

The library.:...
Our library advertises that they are friendly and kind.
Since I am now all modern- like...converted to online ordering of my books,
I was hoping for individual glory....but, oh, no...not such a friend is this library

In my initial excitement of my newfound skill...I ordered 20 books.
No note from the brave I was...nor how slow it was going to be.
No nice note about my exuberance...and how forward thinking I am, since two of the books I requested are not even to be published until March 2019!!!.

The library is testing the patience of this old lady.  I order....I want...
Not so fast...It seems indeed, that I am not the only customer of our library!!

The children are going to their mother's house for the weekend
I hope to be productive in the quilting room
Excited me will be joining my group at a Sit-and-Sew Monday.
Tuesday night our Modern Quilting group
Wednesday night our IQ group..
"Just go sew" is always the answer..


Karaquilts said...

Your mother is "SEW" right! and your mantra has now become my own. Just go sew. It's never the wrong thing to do. and it always helps, no matter the problem.

I love the happy pencil holders and the timing sounds just right~ ~ and the birthday party brings tears to my heart. Blessings for each of you!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I loved this post! First the tears came. Just touched my heart sewing gifts for your son's birthday from you and his daddy's heart combined, Then I was happy. I loved the pencil case style with window front and doubled backing view so much as I did your generous giving. Then I laughed at you and your instant gratification learning patience from the library. Hahahahaha 🤣 You go woman❣

Sharon said...

I love your pencil pouches! And how sweet and generous of you to gift them to the teachers.
I'm glad your son is doing so well. What a great celebration of his birthday. You're teaching your grands to be as generous as you are - good for you!
And yes, sewing is always the answer!!
The library here is slow too. I have a Kindle now and order a lot of ebooks. I've learned to have them show me (online) only the books available now, or I also can put them on Hold. Patience is the key! But quilt books are always the old-fashioned kind! No ebooks for that.