Sunday, February 16, 2020

That Girl has Done Grown Up...

February's block is teal. I am working on it.
And more treats found while cleaning my fabric mess...A friend's blood tester...
missing for over a year...sigh...

Lynsey turned eleven today.
Tin foil shoes, and Dylan in his  tinfoil pants and crown.
Lynsey on the catwalk with her tinfoil necklace and dress.
The five other girls are waiting in the hallway for their turn to come out.

A big Happy 11th Birthday Lynsey and her first friend birthday party ever
Five dear friends...both parents, all carrying on...noise, stress, joy, laughter..
Her mommy had some great games...the last one was hilarious.  They all made themselves
outfits and jewelry from tin foil...and then had a cat walk to show themselves off.
Hilarious and, Lynsey let her brother Dylan,  soon 10, play too.
All this fun with tinfoil rolls.

Lynsey and her mommy putting on the candles.
Lynsey , little sister Ava--almost 2..and their mother.
Everyone had a great time..

I am, however a bit nerve wracked with all the noise and commotion.
Evan made the chocolate cake.
Lynsey made the cup cakes.
I made the frostings.

I am still on edge and all the others are in bed!!
Once again age is upon me.
I tried deep breathing...but I find red wine, chocolate birthday cake and the great sale at;
Hawthorne Threads relax me much more.
There is a coupon code on the site for 40% off everything, even sale items.

I told her parents that they were in charge...
They sent me to my sewing room to chill so I would not interfere....
The mother had said, no goody bags...
We so did not listen... Lynsey and I put together
packets of two rice hand warmers/ freezer bags..tied with a lollipop.
 The children had made them with me for the teachers at the holidays.
We had some leftover.

My son is now on the way home from a meeting.
 He is going to clean up a bit for my quilting group tomorrow...The Queen Bee
I bee so very lucky!!!


Mystic Quilter said...

So happy to read about the party and everyone getting along!!

Ruth said...

You are one great Grandma!!!
I read the blogpost about boiled eggs. I think I will try that method. I put in a spoonful of salt to keep the white parts in the eggs if they crack open. Others say put a T. of vinegar in, but my husband can't eat them then..makes him nauseous for some reason.
I ran across your blog from comments on PatcheryMenagerie!