Saturday, February 8, 2020

Grandmother O'Quilts Gets a Grip

Just in case you thought I was hopeless!!!!
I found my instructions for my Meadowland Quilt-along,
So with peace and quiet, I have put them all together....Hmmm
Last night's progress.
Stimulated by a 3 hour lunch out,
I got to work when I got home...Every little bit counts, me thinks.
Lunch was just what I needed, but really both of us sat there all that time...and my blouse was inside out!!!!..Sigh...Age must be upon both of us xoxo
All this, just as I had bragged on how smart I used to be.
Clearly "used to is over"!!!
I found the above piece which I do not like...I just bet Stitch and Boo would like it in a basket.

We had some wild storms yesterday, power off at both schools, with leaky roofs and trees down,
so it was no surprise that school was cancelled.
Tornadoes were confirmed on both sides of me. Family and friends tried to warn me,
but my phone was off and I was asleep.  Lucky, lucky me!
I have never ever lived where tornadoes hit within a mile of my house...
Guess I have been a hurricane woman (Miami). or a dust storm girl (Phoenix).
So off the children went with their mother...on this surprise 3 day weekend.
I am so so so relaxed!!!!

This is such a peaceful  lovely day..Talk about climate change.: Thursday we had 4 confirmed tornadoes touch down....and now it is snowing...big fat beautiful flakes...nothing sticking..but it is so calming as is Mrs. O'Quilts, ..... reading, sewing and relaxing all by silence..hummmm
Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild had an outreach last year for 600 placemats for
Meals on Wheels.  We made 700. This year we will make small quilts and small backpacks for the homeless children associated with Meals on Wheels...

We also have a table at meetings where we bring quilty items we no longer want.
 Other quilters
give the guild a donation to take what they desire.
 I did just that with these blocks.
Now, I am making them up for the donation.

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1 comment:

Sharon said...

I'm glad to hear that the tornadoes missed you! And you were probably better off asleep - at least you weren't stressing!
That's funny about your blouse being inside-out! If neither of you noticed, it must not have been real obvious.
Glad you found your Wonderland project and got it organized. Organization is not one of my skills either, just so you know you're not alone!
Enjoy your quiet time!