Sunday, February 2, 2020

Lazy Lazy Sunday, etc etc...

Every good southern garden has a bottle tree to ward off the evil spirits.
My son cleaned and re-arranged ours
Below...reading in the sun..a remarkable thing to do in February!!!

My treat from Marshall's yesterday!!!! 
Lynsey insists that in big families, hard boiled eggs are
 always in the fridge so kids can help themselves...
(She learned this from her U-Tube families)
She said that we are a big family now..
She insisted that we needed this for our new egg plan.
Tonight's life lesson:  How to make perfect hard boiled eggs..
I made them repeat after me...I might tape instructions to the wall.
OMG...even my son, we will see how this goes..

It was only lesson one, to be repeated often until everyone can do it.
Put eggs in a pan of  cold water.
Bring them to a boil.
Cover them and take them off the burner.
Leave them covered for 30....perfect HBEs.
Soon everyone in Grandma's house will be able to make a hard boiled egg and 
make bobbins for the sewing machines...YES!!!!!!
 The recliner cover from Zulilly.
Stay tuned to my remake of it..

Brainstorming the patchwork for the chair cover...
For some reason yesterday was a no- do day.
I took Lynsey for her sewing lesson.
We stopped by Marshall's to return something...
at which time she reminded me that her birthday was in two weeks.
I told her she could look for sales..and she did...Good girl..!!!

Then I came home for my daily old lady nap.
My doctor seems to think that I have no energy due to my circumstances...hmmmm.
I do love my doctor...all 37 years of her!!

Half way through a thought provoking book
Today, I was once again lazy.
Evan filled out his class requests for next year tenth grade.
Lynsey and Dylan rode their bikes.
I read and did the grandma thing...making corn chowder for dinner.
Lucky us when tomorrow is yet another day!!
Especially a sunny one.

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