Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Last night I asked myself, What would Mr. O'Quilts have done??
He would have said, "Sweetheart, Be good to yourself."
And so...from him, I bought myself a heart mug and filled it with joy..
...OK, I filled it with hot chocolate and marshmallows...,
Same thing!!

From me, the children got their Merry Valentine cookies.
The elementary schools had fun times.
The 14 year old got ungrounded.
My son got IKEA candy bars.
We all got love from each other.

I still struggle to give back to the ALS groups.
I feel obliged...but...for me...
It is just too much to even think of ALS
So I will sew, and sleep, and organize my sewing room.
Ha ha ha ha ha

More on the treasure front:
Great Aunt Billie's friend...was it Gladys?   Gave me this top if I would finish it..
Well that was 48 years ago...Jeeze Louize...I have already made a quilt from most of it.
This is a left over piece.  I paid someone in Miami, to help piece it for me, but I see that the color is off. How many treasures unfold when a person "organizes" ??.
 I am doing a linky quilt sew along  with 30's fabric...
This just may save this for a scrappy border...
Stay tuned..

Watching the news now...I was in Walmart asking for masks for colds, but was told they had been sold out for weeks???  Hmm. So I am going to make some of my own...One for each of us...
There are a number of tutorials online.  I wonder which ones are considered the best/safest???
Stay tuned.

And, now, who enjoys the clean ironing table???
My big boy, Stitch.
He warms my heart.

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Mystic Quilter said...

Nothing wrong with sewing, sleeping and organizing - it sounds great fun!!