Monday, February 10, 2020

Grandma's on a Roll...Gifting..

Lynsey's English teacher asked for pencils..
Lynsey said that the boys like to break them when no one is looking.
From the online sales in the beginning of the school year, I always get pencils just
for this reason...I could not just give pencils to a hard working favorite teacher.
Tonight I made a laminate pencil pouch.  I am so proud of myself.
Second thought, maybe I should have used oil cloth, but laminate is so pretty and soft
Last year when Paula sent us pencils, Lynsey cried when I tried to share them with the teachers.
I just could not believe it.  She still remembers when there was never enough of anything
before she came to live with me.

Just in case I am losing my mind...hmmm .. knock on wood..
In my basket of laminates, I found my original apparatus that helps me put my socks on.
I had to buy another one...8$, but still...
I am more worried about my forgetfulness.
What was I thinking to put it in with my laminate collection????
And probably this was done last  year

Is that where you put your socks and things to help you?????? OMG
In your sewing room and in your laminate basket???

Lynsey is 10.  She had a friend over tonight from her 5th grade class.
When I mentioned that "Ann"  was dressed like a tomboy....Lynsey looked a me with her big brown eyes.  Do not worry Grandma, I like all and tomboys...
I was flabbergasted at her language and knowledge.

I told her that she had a loving heart.
Now, I am afraid that Grandma is outdated....WOW


Mystic Quilter said...

How things have changed now, at 10 yrs I wouldn't have had any idea but good for her for being so open minded.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

The pencil pouch is fun and teachers always love extra pencils! Wise words from your 10 year old indeed!