Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Queen of Frustration

Easing my soul on a crabby day, is the lovely necklace that Terri made for me.
Next up...happy is...My son reading John Henry to Lynsey...a bit of folklore as part of
Black History month.  A favorite here, because my father's name was John Henry Washington Newton Burt. He joined the Air Force at 17 from Alabama... staying on forever more.
Today was a day of storms.  I got a call from a neighbor who was in the hallway with her staff at work...The weather, she said.  Of course, I had nodded off in my recliner with a boring book.
I missed the worst part.  Both of the children's schools lost power, tornado warnings...heavy rain...trees down.and old Grandma O'Quilt snores away, oblivious!!!

Once the family was all home safe and sound, I found myself in a funk/???  Really??
No reason why..but somehow, I felt I needed to start on a political quilt.
Choosing the fabrics.

Pulling fabric here to start when I thought...maybe the Accu-Quilt cutter would help me.
I could not find the dies, I had just re-located them for efficiency...Grrrrr
My son found them in a new basket under a mess.

Next, I fussed with another row of fabric for my chair cover project.
While doing that, my eyes happened on these vintage 40's blocks from a friend of
my dear Aunt Billie in Arizona.  Everyone way gone, the blocks a reminder of fun times.
Somehow, I had a-fixed them...with Wonder-Under...Maybe I should figure this project out now???
No, I should look for the cut lining bottom of this bag and for the lanyard clip
That has been lost for a few weeks...

And so went tonight until everyone in this household remembered how  lucky they
were that my sewing room has two doors on it.
Two doors that shut.
I tried to breathe...and asked self what calms me???
Maybe I should make a rope bowl.
God help me...I am going to just finish the book.

Just so you know that I know, I have been given gifts I am grateful for.
Now...God, if I come back on earth...I would really really appreciate some organizational skills.
And maybe to be able to sing on key. xoxo

Rita's Quilt

She inhaled a pin while sewing....OMG

Tomorrow morning I have a 504 meeting at the high school.
Next week, a 504 meeting at the elementary school.

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