Thursday, February 13, 2020

That Random Thing

Four ugly squares, cut in half...Random borders, selected at will
A nice wheelchair quilt..?  Or child's quilt...?
Cutting backing and batting now...
Halfway through February without one finish...

Above is an vintage bracelet I bought at an antique mall about 20 years ago.
There was a lovely needlepoint cover on it..which as you can see has now rotted.
It fell right off in my hand; this is the result.
If anyone has ever seen this before...or knows what I should do with it.
Please let me know...I found it to be so  unusual.
I loved it.
Jean E..Thank you !  Pls send me your email address so I can thank you for your comment..
Lucky you to have met that wonderful author.

Today was the second day of early voting...So I voted...whew...
Unfortunately, there were 10 workers....and only me to vote..hope that improves..

Oh, no....I just looked for the valentine treats I got for my family.
You guessed....I cannot find them.
So...look what I did find:
Merry Valentine's Day, my dear ones...

1 comment:

Kaja said...

Your ugly squares are not ugly now!