Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Let There Be Light....Please

The no car, two week stress has ended...
My son got his new to him car and I am getting a new to me van.
That does not mean that this was easy.  While my son was off buying his car, he had my car with him.
Of course, that was the time when Duke power cut off..leaving me...3 children, 2 cats and one dog in the cold and in the dark, hungry without a car.
And certainly a very crabby grandmother.

The children argued about who was going to light the candles...
We played Old Maid.
 I tried not to lose my balance and fall down.
 The darlings wanted to take their flashlights and play hide and seek, but old grandma was toooooo stressed out for that. The power was only off for 6 hours, but it so seemed to me to be 600000 hours.

Today, was a whole new day. I went to my brilliant therapist,
My mother and I went to lunch...rather I did..and thought of my mother,
Went to Aldi for food shopping .... and finished a book. ending with friends at Wednesday night quilting.
Just so you know that today is February 5.  It is winter...
All the cherry trees are confused.
That's OK....I am confused too and seeing a pretty tree is downright lovely.
My latest project:  Sewing my savored cloth, from around the world to this chair cover..
in order to make it my own...
Like my friend Meg said, My man and I together...
His chair no one will let go of and my funky cover that makes it pretty OK
I am attaching it to the store bought cover and quilting it like this:
I am readying this piece of the dress for the chair.
On the back, I find quite the improv work...Guess in Guatemala, they
use all the fabric that they have on hand...without worry..if the corners match.
I know who told me that perfection is over-rated...I agree!!
Remember, I have had these fabrics/dresses for over 40 years.
If you do not use it, you lose it...or so they say............

Every single person in my house is asleep...How sweet it is.
Starting another book...
As I relax...unusual for me...sad thoughts come
I have no Valentine...

I am thinking about how to celebrate life by giving to others on
April 14, the 5 year anniversary of my man's death.
The key thought is to do something nice for someone else..
I am looking forward to this.
Fixing that thought with a glass of vino tinto and cuddling in with my next book.

Saying NO to watching the news...Good Grandma!!

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Mystic Quilter said...

Such a post Diane!! Pleased to read both yourself and your son now have four wheels each but sorry to hear about the loss of power for a few hours, I hate it when that happens. A mad scramble to see if we can still find the candles, hunting out the primus stove to at least make a hot drink and so on.
I think you've come up with a fantastic idea to recover the cover with exciting textiles which have meaning for you, do show us the finish when you reach it. I agree with you - do not watch the news. We just heard the result of the impeachment hearing on our mid-day news, I shall say no more!!!!!!!