Monday, February 24, 2020

Lost and Found and Fun

Yesterday was a fun time at the Woodcarvers' convention in Charlotte.
This piece stole my heart!! Wonder why??  I have probably thrown away my old wooden spools..
But, then, maybe they are lost!!!!
A friend carved this flower and gifted it to me...lucky me!
Speaking of lost...I just found these under my mess...
Grandma's embroidered kitty and my strip tree. :)
Prevalent now, is "slow stitching" .  Hand work to relax.
It is a reminder to "chill".
The last time I did hand work...was the ALS clinic "hexies"
Well, this is my idea of "slow stitching" now... UFOs that are forever old
One border added to this tonight.
I love the corner blocks!!

My yummy chicken sandwich...a la Marie..putting a bit of mango chutney
with raisins...So yum.
Starting new pink quilt for the CMQG outreach.
Using orphan blocks and scraps...Now this is relaxing.
Hoping to make my number 3 promised quilt soon.
Lastly, this Gazette came in the mail today.
Right to ME! is all about ME!!

PS. I hope to remember to make encourage the boys to learn
to fold laundry.  When Lynsey gets are left undone.


Cathy said...

The Santa Spool is so adorable. New to your blog. I like what I see. Hugs

Kaja said...

Taking it slowly sounds good and a bit of hand stitching is always a positive thing in my book.