Monday, April 6, 2020

Surviving Crazy Day 20.

My second April block from Jen
 The day of all days.. beautiful weather ...
However, no sleep last night.
Groups of teens coming into our park behind my house at 2 am.., back again at 7 am...OMG Neighbors called the police...the kids broke bottles , vomited., acted like fools and kept me up all night.  In the kids..started fighting.
  I imagine that is happening all around the world now...
at least we have a big back yard..
At the end of today, I was so Crabby McNasty... I made the children weed the garden.
You can see the two green shirts weeding away., especially annoying for them as
old grandma sits and reads a book watching them.

My son offered to help me spray baste two of my baby quilts...
Wow...did my stress go away. He told me that I was not doing it perfectly so he would rather do it alone...OMG...a brand new spray baster in my house.!!!!
I had to go bed while the happy lasted...

Hey Rosa..I do not have your email so I can give you a proper thank you for your comment...

Tonight I took some fabric I had bought on sale somewhere..years ago..and made new dishtowels.
With strict instructions for the grands not to use them to clean the floor nor sop up spaghetti.
Fabric was a bit too heavy for quilting..but perfect for this...just one of those things a
person needs a pandemic in order to proceed...with this UFO
Above....four finished dishtowels...

In keeping with are my sleeping buddys..
Which one is guilty of a job well done???

The big fat dead mouse I found under my bed!!!!

In keeping with is a picture of my daughter's cleaning solution
Homemade in Portland..used citrus stewing in white vinegar..
Last night's drama deserved a treat.
In the freezer, Lynsey found a bit of frozen squeezed lemon juice
She made a cake...the very first frosting and cake she made all by herself.

Everyone knows what a sewing room is really for:  Reading!!!!.
As long as he reads...I think he can stay.
Homeschooling is only going well because of the kind and brilliant teachers
we have at our elementary school. They have been contacting the children directly on their chrome
books without having to go through me.  Dylan knows how to do Google Classroom and Zoom on the chrome books and helped his sister.  Today, Lynsey studied an hour or more with her math and language arts teachers...and Dylan had two appts to see both his classroom friends and his reading teacher.  I am truly amazed.

I hate to use my lovely dish cloths...I love to look at the clean ones..
Tonight I just had to do it...Isn't it so pretty with the tomatoes...?  Oh, well.

Tomorrow, I will try to do the quilting on two basted baby quilts...
I am kind of getting used to the lazy days with no appointments.
I told the kids that the Easter Bunny was in the hospital with Coronavirus.
Lynsey laughed but Dylan (10) said he would send him a card.
Oh, my heart!!!!


Cherie said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely green oasis of calm for the kids to run around in. I can't even begin to imagine coping with children in an apartment block. Did the cake taste as delicious as it looked? Please stay safe. x

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, how I love your blog posts. I cannot decide whether to laugh or I do both. You still do it all Diane! Even in these crazy town days. You cut to the chase with plain speaking truth even if you think you're babbling in grief and exhaustion. You give me the blessing of seeing amazing grace through survival. Just love you and your amazingly perfect imperfect blended family. So much love in all directions. Amazing special, very dear and so real. 💝

http://thankfullga447 said...

Love all of your post and sorry about the kids at the park at is so annoying. We lived next to the community pool and teens always climbed over the fence parked the car by my house and went for a midnight dip. I didn't fall asleep till 3 am. My own fault I like to listen to my downloaded broadway music and I need to turn it OFF.