Thursday, April 2, 2020

Day 15...Oh, Here We Are....

Just look at the awesome card I got in the mail from my new friend, Suzette!!!
Isn't this just perfect card for an O'Quilt sewist!!!
It is on my wall right now...Thank you Suzette.

Patterns by Jen...Monthly color blocks
I missed the deadline for March block...but finished it in the morning.
And tonight...I made a funky version of April's block.
I love I would have preferred the value in order.
What does a person do under great stress???
Relax over making rope bowls...Just ordered some more rope. to keep Amazon busy.
and busy too..
Wednesday night quilters have met now for 21 years...
Thanks to Drenna...Here we are..meeting on Zoom for the first time..
Of course, they rigged it so I could not be heard...Seen but not  heard.
They know me so well. xo I am behind the pink phone.
I have been making masks...I have probably made about 30
Most of them went to the Florida hospice, to our family and a neighbor who
requested them...Elastic is as good as gold now, but I have had some donations.
After awhile, mask making is depressing...I do not know how Rosie the Riveter did it!!
I have to do fun sewing and some reading and skip a day or two, or three of the masks..

I am able to cook at night for the family...Have not been able to do that for 7 years...
I am thankful to my awesome ortho surgeon, my therapist and God...

I saw this program on TED today...I was so impressed with the rabbi..that I even took some notes in my phone.
I am not a church goer..for me, God is in the heart and in nature.
My grandmother used to know all the psalms from her Lutheran childhood in Sweden.

After the messages from this rabbi...
 I decided to check that out...I ordered online a large print book of the psalms.!!
We just can never know our life's path.  My grandmother would be pleased..
She would is about time...
Here is the link:
How we can navigate the coronavirus pandemic with courage and hope
A comforting


Rosa said...

I'm just catching up on your blog. I'm glad you're staying in and staying safe!

Something you wrote in your last entry really struck me! You wrote: "Grief is still much love." That is such a perfect description for what grief is. I work with children, some of whom are frozen in their grief (from losing parents or other loved ones) and I think maybe hearing that grief is still love might help some of them start to escape being incapacitated by grief.

You're so wise! Stay in and stay healthy!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Rosa said it just right. Thanks Rosa! I agree wholeheartedly.
I've been making masks also. Like you, I can handle just so many then I need a break. I've stopped, cold, in the middle of a mask and walked away with the needle in the center of a seam. I just away.
I'm one who needs church. I'm a cradle Catholic who misses mass about once a year, maybe. So this is hard. I'm not breaking the rules, though. We teach by our actions and Louisiana is one of the hot spots. We all have to do our part.
Hey those blocks! I really like the funky one. :) ,