Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A mixed bag..snowball and cheddar

Orphaned blocks, stroller size baby quilt.. done..We went to Mary Jo's last week.  I got a yard of this green because I was short for the border.  In the shop, it matched.  I got several opinions including my own.  On my ironing board, it is not a match.  Because it is on the border, it does not matter, but I question my eyes and I question lighting...not to be crabby about this...but...

Then there is this "cheddar".  With flash and without. Is it really "cheddar" or a garish eyes, my mind, my disposition(:

And, then, since this is not only a quilting blog, but evidently a therapy blog for me....My mother has C.Diff again...The Cipro for the UTI brought it back.  Now she is quarantined again and cannot go to the dining room or to her poetry group.  She told me that she is rotting on the vine and trying to decide which color cloud to float away on.  How poetic Mom...but, really, this is tough...again...  On the cheering up friends and I are going to the Faust sale in Kings Mountain, North Carolina on Friday( One member needs a business tax ID number)...a full car with like

WOW...I just added this from  True much for my fretting about the difference in hues of Kona solids...even from the same store!!!   unbelievable