Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today I delivered daffodils from my garden to my mother.  She is upset that her memory is not like it used to be.  I said, let's be grateful that you are alive.
The "Jungle" quilt below is finished.  What started out as quite a misstep ended up to be a good thing.  I used this quilt to practice my free motion quilting.  For the first time ever, I quilted a large meandering motif without any loops on the back.   I set my tension to 4 and put my dials all down to zero, slowed down and took my time.  It was finished in 30 minutes and I am delighted with myself.  Now that I have played with the fabric, I will give what is left (lots) to my friends or Guild. (like my sister wanted in the first place!)

 I finished this quilt too.  The left over scraps are from my Purplish Trip Around the World

Now I have two baby quilts in the cupboard for future needs.

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