Sunday, February 12, 2012

More quilts for kids

I am enjoying my "no think" phase and doing it without guilt! (Thank you Joy).  This baby quilt was made from leftover 4 patches from 2 different baby quilts.

 Below is one more cuddle quilt for an older boy.  The Guild says that 3/4ths of quilts given to Guild for the hospital are for baby girls.  Older children and most boys are left out.
After making my ironing pads the other day and finishing the above cuddle quilt during Sit and Sew yesterday, my mind was all about quilting the peaceful way.  Well, all night long my brain was designing a clothes pin bag like my grandmother used in our home growing up.  In my sleep, in my mind, I was using modern fabric and figuring out how to put in the hanger and the opening...all night long.  When I woke up this morning I thought....what the heck was that.  I have not dried my clothes outside for 20 some years.  In fact, this neighborhood association does not even allow a clothesline...crazy...That brain of mine is off task!!

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