Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage recycling

Even though I gave away all my scraps so I could use the "good stuff" before I age out, things do not seem to change around here.  In keeping with my "no think" relaxation phase, I made the following:  Potholders from a child's patchwork vintage skirt (ugly as sin)  from Goodwill...I decided to practice free motion quilting on them.  Relaxing, fun and cheap..recycling...not the "good stuff" ....but then, maybe....
Then I found a ratty old plastic bib.  I decided that I just could not throw it away.  So I did a little fabric therapy on it with zigzagged edges.  Someone at the Goodwill will hopefully enjoy it.  Giving back, you know!

To bed with me before I ruin all this peace with another project.


Rocky Delafontaine said...

The potholders are looking good as new! They're pretty, and at the same time, they have a touch of vintage. The color green from the bib is looking cute, especially those little puppies. It's good to hear you are having fun while doing your crafts.

Rocky Delafontaine

Anonymous said...

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