Friday, February 10, 2012

Ironing pads

The dog got Eva's bear.  I mended it best I could cause I know a bear is a well loved creature.  She looks a bit rough, but a girl has to take care of herself..and this one will. While looking for extra stuffing for the arm, I found some ironing board material....hmmmm

So,in keeping with my mindless work nowadays (Joy says it is ok!)...I decided to make some Ironing pads.....While my mat is about 20 by 36, I had enough fabric left for four small mats...about 16 by 18 inches.  I used the green ironing material with Insule-Brite and backed it with the funky IKEA fabric left over from the    hotpads. When you look at funky...keep in mind that this fabric won first place in the Stockholm university student art contest.  I put the ties on and the hangers on...and mindless became a task accomplished and a good day.  I may consider donating one or two to our Guild's shop at our quilt show in March.

On one retreat, we ruined the ironing board cover.  Ever since, Sherry has convinced me that these small mats put on the ironing board in a public place saves grace and..put next to the machine are very handy.

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Jan said...

Well, if that isn't a great idea! I use a smaller cutting mat on top of my large one to cut smallish pieces, but I never thought about saving my ironing board cover! Clever girl!