Monday, February 6, 2012

Doll Bed/ Google reader help needed..

Mr. O'Quilts put together this doll bed from IKEA for Lynsey's third birthday on the 16th. A great opportunity for Lynsey and I to make a doll bed quilt together...Now,  Tigger got confused...Whose birthday did you say???

Sooo frustrated with my Google Reader.  Now it only lists my subscriptions with new posts.  I want it the old way with all my subscriptions whether or not new posts.  Also, I want to be able to click on "like" when I like a post....but that is gone too..  Any reader "wise" friends out there to help me..suggestions?


Karen at Birdsong Cabin said...

On my screen there is an upside down arrow that pops up to the right of the word SUBSCRIPTION (over in the left hand column where all of the blogs are listed). The arrow only appears when your mouse goes over the area. The reader options will pop up and one is SHOW ALL or SHOW UPDATED. Hopes this helps.


O'Quilts said...

Karen...u r a genius!! Thank you..and I was all crabby and now it is gone:)