Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Facecloth love....finished

I know that you understand that when a person buys a 3 packages of facecloths with 8 in each package, that that means one has to make all 24 facecloths...I mean it is an obsession thing..  If it is to be relaxing, then let it be really relaxing.  The best part of this was adoring the fabric scraps.  They are so cute.  In fact I think I am in love with the facecloths too.  Maybe I will keep them all and not touch them, just like not wanting to cut up my best fabric...You know that today is Mental Health Day.  I have been waiting for it all year:)

I thought I would let you all enjoy the facecloth pictures before I start to ruminate. This is not a political blog nor is it a religious one.  But on the topic of religion, in the past few years I have come to believe that if there is a God, it is not me.  This epiphany would have been heresy in my younger years, but the truth cannot be denied as I age.  Knowledge is one thing, putting it into practice and letting go, going with the day at a all something quite different.  And yes, all of this is about my mother ....again..  Evidently I have been whining.  It is painful.  I know that she will be 91 in May and that she is of clear mind.  How lucky is that.  I am grateful.  The med tech at her facility tells me to be grateful. He is from Ghana and has seen life from a different angle.  One of her caregivers is from Liberia.  She says to put a smile on my face and be grateful that my mother has had such a will to live and to celebrate life and to spread the joy..I am grateful...the smile on my face, I am not sure of that one.  This whole end of the road thing is bringing my own mortality into play.  Stamp my foot, throw a fit...I do not like that either!  So I am working on broadening my horizons to help me cope.  Nadia has exposed me to a new to me blog Teri's. Teri lives in Libya sharing her life through the I am planning on chin up.....OOOO nooo, the Hospice nurse just called with bad news, another UTI and hallucinations and how many times do we want to treat a UTI which is coming from C.Diff and forget the chin up thing....and forget carrots.  I need a cookie to cry with and a friend or two.

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