Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Me and the mindless thing

I have not been able to figure out why I am not creating.  Why am I pulling out old blocks left over from years back and making mindless baby quilts.  I mean I have my Swedish flag quilt that I have been wanting to make and solids to use.  I gave away my scrap bags so I could start all that, but the interest does not seem to be there.  Yesterday I figured it out.  With the past 7 months of my mother's decline.  I am waiting, I think, for the other shoe to drop....not a good thing.  My mind is there, not here.

 Yesterday morning my mother called me with the help of her volunteer.  Her volunteer is from Russia, a retired oncologist about 70 years old.  She is visiting 4 mornings a week with my mother in order to learn English.  My mother said that she is learning Russian..hmmm.  It was a great call.  Then at 3 in the afternoon, I visited my mother.  Only to find her hanging out of the bed hallucinating out of her mind feeble as they come.  What a shock!  I insisted that the Hospice nurse take more urine for another test for a UTI, which she did.  But she also said that it could be a stroke. I came home last night and made these...tranquilizing cupcakes:)  I just needed sugar to calm me down.  I wish my husband could understand this!!
 Evidently my darling Milito felt a bit of stress as well...for I just turned my back for one tiny little minute and found this!
 No shame at all...and this is not your bed Milito!
This morning I was about to leave to check on my mother when  a toothache delayed me.  An emergency 3 and a half hours at the dentist prepping for a crown on a cracked tooth was all I needed today.  In the middle of it all, I got the call from the Hospice nurse saying indeed it was a UTI.  When I got to my mother's place at one, she was in the dining room discussing the super bowl.  It only took one dose of Cipro...Jeeze Louize...the roller coaster again.  I am hanging on to the side rails, all belted in.

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joy said...

The mindless thing is good sometimes, I think. You're still practicing your craft, but doing it in a way that is repetitive and soothing and requires less of you. You'll get back to creating when there's more of your heart and soul leftover!

Have you ever read The Artist's Way?

Love you!