Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby changing pad

Today was the day.  Up and in a good visiting my mother....down I go..she was choking, unable to swallow, couldn't take her meds and in Parkinson's pain.  I left in a down mood...Home to sewing...not my billing or my housework...etc, but my sewing....Up I go again...there is absolutely nothing like the feeling of making something nice, in short order...such an accomplished feeling.  So here is the baby changing pad made with laminate and cotton.

The one Emily made turned out great.  Today, I decided to try one too.  Off to Hancock's with my coupon to look for laminate.  Their selection was poor for a baby, but I had coupon in hand and was too lazy to drive to JoAnn's so I bought this.  5/8 of a yard gives two changing pads.  If I had bought a yard, I would have had enough to make a small packet for the wipes.  So easy...I used my walking foot and didn't even need the Teflon foot.  I cut the fabric in half to make the two pads and squared them up.  Because I use Warm and Natural batting which shrinks at least an inch, I prewashed the batting.  I did not know how the laminate would look with a batting that had shrunk.  Outside, I spray basted on the batting, then smoothed down the cotton backing..turned it over and spray basted the batting again, smoothing down the laminate.  Then, I took a piece of sewing chalk to plumb a line down the middle.  Using the metal stick on my machine to determine width of sewing, I sewed about 2.5 inches in channel quilting using the wiggle stitch.  I remembered to keep smoothing it down, there would be nothing worse than having to take stitches out of laminate.  I self bound these and I love them.  I think that after the baby has used them for changing, they can be put under the high chair for catching spills or used  as table protection when the toddler is painting or doing play doh...Just have to wrap things up and I am ready for the shower.  One pad to give and one to keep for the next baby shower.


Melissa said...

Your shower gifts look great! Lucky parents to be! :)

smazoochie said...

I'm sorry your Mama was poorly. {big hug}
I'm glad you can shift focus & be productive & get pleasure from that .
Take care.