Friday, June 8, 2012


Thanks to Terri for her wonderful longarming, my Florabunda,
 block of the month variation is done.  I was so excited getting it back the other night that I did the binding right away. Unfortunately in my zeal, I forgot the faucet in the kitchen sink was running.  Forty minutes later..TBTG  down the other sink... went all the hot water...and my brain.
 I love this backing.  I can imagine the animals trekking through the flower garden.
 When I was young I grew wide...traveling all over the world, trying new things.  As I am older, I am growing deep, hopefully making lasting friendships and being even more sentimental.  So, here is the quilt in front of Great Aunt Carl's gardenia bush..grown from a single stem in her window in Alabama.
 And here is the tree planted by Uncle Kieran when he was 83 on his visit from Ireland...It was 2 feet tall.  He wanted us to have something to remember him if....but he was right...
Both plants are huge, bringing back wonderful memories of family love.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like pink and green quilts and that applique is so nice. I might even try some now with my new outlook on life.

Teresa said...

The quilt is so pretty and I can see how it could easily distract you!