Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wisdom or not?

My mother said that her father said that friends are all around you when there is fun and laughter, but when you are sick, grumpy or needy...they run fast in the other direction.  I never bought into it, but  my grandfather was born in this family "wisdom" is 135 years old.    If it was so hard to be so sick and isolated for 3 weeks with bronchitis, a more serious illness is worse. 
When we lived in Miami, our very best friends became fair weather friends when I injured my back.  I was unable to walk for 6 months and they never came to visit even though she worked within walking distance.  No one likes illness.  I am glad this didn't happen to me this time. My friends did bring M&M's and did come to quilting anyway.  And, my mother has good friends too..they visit all the time even though it is hard. Good news...I am well now...Thank you God, I am so grateful.  Here is what I am doing today.  Free-motion quilting on my solid quilt.  I am terrible at practice, practice, practice.  On this beautiful day, I am reading quilt magazines outside and coming in to do this quilting.  I am waiting for my son and his family to come tonight and for my son, boyfriend in law:) to visit from Ireland.  A lovely day.

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Karmen said...

Free motion on solid colors!? You are very brave; I think it looks great. It will be a LONG time before I give it a try. (VERY glad you are feeling better.) Karmen