Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More on Oilcloth scraps, my cookbook cover

Sentimental me has shown Grandma's cookbook a number of times on this blog...All falling apart, it means a a lot to me.  Avoiding all my UFO's and WIP's, I decided that this project would be my salve today.

 I took out my Oilcloth charm pack from Oilcloth Addict and decided to make a book cover for my cookbook.
 Making "scrap fabric" from oilcloth is not much different than making it from regular quilting cotton.  With this project, I did not even use my Teflon foot.  I always top stitch seams on oilcloth to keep them strong.  In measuring the size for the book, be sure to add at least 1.75 inches to the height of the book to have enough room for the width size of the cover and room to topstitch.
 Above is the finished front of the cover and below is the finished inside flaps.
 My cookbook front..all ready for spills...
 My cookbook back.
I think that Grandma would be pleased as I found a notebook of hers covered with oilcloth from back in the day...I mean way backer in the day:)