Friday, June 15, 2012

The old person reminiscing..Ha or just re-purposing..

This dress is one of two dresses saved from the 20 year old box of clothes in the know, the ones I had forgotten about....I had a wonderful time in this dress when I was younger and thinner and prettier...etc..
Now, my fun dress is reduced to this little vintage pile of cotton, perfect for my medallion quilt. I had such a hard time cutting it can call me sentimental...or of course, you could call me a hoarder:)  You would be right on both accounts.  My mother and I used to quip..."used to doesn't count"..sigh..

 of course..the vintage buttons too..nice..
In reminiscing, it is easy to think that yesterday was different...not so quickly...I am, this week, the person who when visiting my mother last week, came out to my car 40 min later to find, not only the keys in the car, but the car still running...and then the already posted episode of the water left running in the sink.  Documentation here in the label of this dress reminds me that just maybe, I have always been a bit like this.....
Keeping me honest.!!!

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