Friday, June 8, 2012

Doing it the easy way, harder....ugh

Remember all those 20 year old summer clothes from Miami that I found in an attic box last week..Well, there was this cotton/linen skirt I decided to salvage.  The material was fine, but I went further than that...a mistake.  I decided to make it easy on myself and use the zipper already in the skirt.  What a mess.  The flaps were so bulky, I kept trying to make it work..even going so far to trick myself into deciding it did work..and cut and zigzagged the edges..wrong again.  I have been working on this for an hour.  I could have had a pretty yellow zipper installed in 10 min.  Now I have a mess on my hands.  I love the typewriter patch that my daughter sent me...I love the pig fabric Ruth got me from Japan..and the green and yellow ribbon from Andy..what I do not love is the mess I made. 

 and the frustration....see here even the zipper is off...taking a break from this, let me tell you and reading my Kindle.

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