Friday, June 8, 2012

Typewriter pouch revisited..

I didn't mean to allude that I do not like to try new things now that I am older...I just do not like it forced upon me, eg..learning the hard way!!!!   I took scissors and cut off the offending zipper...lesson learned.  I added a larger lining making a tube for the strings, added some beads and now I have a string pouch instead of a zippered one.  All figured out after reading a crazy pirate story I got free on my Kindle from the daily emails I get from...

And what else did I learn?  I learned that after owning my awesome Janome 6600 for two years, I do not have a clue about how to use the buttonhole attachment...Tonight was just full of lessons.  My husband pulled his back again.  Since he is resting, it looks like this will be a sewing weekend for me, not a bad thing at all.

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