Friday, June 15, 2012

The Medallion Process

My youthful illusions led me to believe that I was a "free thinker"...flew by the seat of my pants, mostly landing on my feet...the result of which I was never a groupie...until now...Gwen have changed me.  You have role modeled that we can do our own thing like women before us and throw away the rule book.....just my style.    I was sitting on the back porch this morning on a stunning Carolina spring kind of day looking thru my favorite books, again. 

My heart started it's quick quilting beat....I had to leave the lovely day and start sewing..
 This vintage piece of hexies I purchased at a local antique shop 5 years ago for $2...
 Last year I  hand appliqued it to a piece of bright red cotton.  Today I found the piece, and squared it up.  I found some Minick and Simpson fat quarters in my stash..and started my medallion quilt..sigh...

  Now this piece will have to ferment for awhile before the next borders emerge..

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smazoochie said...

I just got the medallion book this week! Love it! And love your new medallion quilt!