Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun stuff

 Watching my darlings at Karate is a hoot!!  Lifting me up..

 Thank you Emily and Evan for running in the fundraiser for Mr. O'Quilts today...Lifting me up again!!
Thank you Nancy and Herb for the strawberries, lettuce and honey...not to mention plumbing detail...
 FYI, stress drove me to eat the donuts you brought me but,  Emily had hidden them...never to be found...such a meany face.
Thank you Michael for bringing by the wheelchair van for perusal and NOT thank you for criticizing my excellent driving of it...Oh, Lordy.
Thank you Emily for taking your Daddy to the Urgent Care today.
Thank you vino tinto for even existing.
The rest of the family is leaving tomorrow and it will be back to our new normal.

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