Saturday, May 31, 2014

The joyful and not so joyful noise

Thank God for my sister and thank God that she is 11 years younger than I am.  She went with me to Costco today to get the Ensure and food for Mr.O's new smoothies.  We were putting food away in the garage fridge when Mr. Postman came right into the garage and gave me these...hmmm I think that the doctor ordered these for me. 
 I was going to sew tonight, but the machine noise has been quite dim for awhile.  Just going to sit with Himself and peruse my newest treats... taking life as it comes..or trying to anyway.

Guardianship of my darlings is so exhausting...I always said that raising children was the best thing and the hardest thing we ever did...Ditto here...for grands...only harder now.
Thru the exhaustion comes the joy...and gratitude..They are safe and sound and thriving.

Since they are sleeping, I will be reading.


Rachaeldaisy said...

2 great books I know you'll enjoy reading and looking at!! The grand finale chapter in the Gwen Marston book blew me away!! The photo of the grandies is extra sweet!

Bridget said...

I just bought that Gwen Marston book, too. Lots of good Gwennie stuff in there.

smazoochie said...

To your enormous credit, those little ones look so well & happy. Try to feed from their energy & smiles.

myrtovl said...

This book by Gwen Marston is one of the best quilt books I ever had! Enjoy!

Karen at Birdsong Cabin said...

If you come to Queen Bee will you bring those fabulous books? I'm still on my book diet - agh!!! However, I do have the Adding Layers book on my requested list at the library :) I probably will need to just press the order button for the Gwen Marston book. I love everything she does.

The kiddos look happy! So glad to hear they are thriving. Been thinking about you all.

Karen E.