Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Just so do Not Care!!

Here is my freshly painted yellow office.  Now, my freshly painted new room for Mr.O.  With all the transitions, I am without design walls.  

With all the disruptions, Mr.O's new bedroom is was oh, so boring.

So, tonight I took hammer and great big nails.  I hammered the design walls right to the pretty newly painted yellow walls.
I just so do not care.
I do not care about the mess or the holes.
What I do care about is getting back to sewing or I will really be a nutcase...
I feel better, I feel good:)

A few years back when my mother was loopy from some pain medication, she decided to take a hammer to the blue cup holders that were on her wheelchair.  One was for the phone and one for the drink.  I had just bought them online and she destroyed them.
She lost her hammer privileges after that.  Maybe I, too will loose mine.
Ha!!  I am still quite glad!!!.


Mary said...

Good for you! Let the stitching begin.

inese said...

I like your wall. It looks like an art gallery and it looks happy!

smazoochie said...

Seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do to keep your sanity. Channeling your Mom & finding your own way.